ISSN 1842-4562
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A spatial analysis of the renewable energy potential in Romania

Florin-Cristian MIHAI
Horatiu Gabriel ȚIBREA


Renewable energy sources, Local Moran’s I, geoprocessing, spatial analysis, cluster and outlier analysis


Renewable energy is likely the way moving forward to meet global energy demands while building a sustainable future. The current study performs a spatial analysis of the renewable energy sources in Romania at an administrative level, based on aggregated installed capacity, with the aim to confirm or infirm various levels of spatial correlation for relevant renewable technologies. The current analysis takes into consideration only the technologies which are present in Romania’s energy generating mix. Two geo-statistical indexes, Location Quotient and Local Moran’s I, are computed, clustered and symbolized on the map. The methodology for the analysis is described along with the implementation of the geoprocessing models built in ArcGIS and published as web services.