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Managing “Generation Z” based on Differences in Employee Value Propositions - Romania versus the EU



Gen Z, millennial, talent management, workforce retention, motivation, strategy, statistical inference


Gen Z will soon be the predominant generation in the workplace. It is such a different generation versus the previous ones that new guidelines of managing young talent were written. All the advice in managing the new generation is based on several psiho–social characteristics that were the effect of the early years of living that have formed the values of this generation. Yet, despite many of the factors that have affected the early years of living are similar, there are differences between countries and even regions. Thus the question arises: should managers lead Gen Z representatives based on the global guidelines or should they rather adapt the management style to the country. In order to find an answer to this question, we’re comparing the results of a large cross country study on the value propositions that motivate the young generation, to understand how similar Romanian GenZ is to European GenZ.