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Assessing the Correlation between Gender Inequality Index and Child Mortality Rates for 147 Countries in 2019

Ionela-Roxana PETCU
Andreea MIRICA


worldwide, gender, inequality, women, child mortality


Gender equality is an important element in the overall wellbeing of the society, particularly for children. This paper aims to assess the correlation between gender inequality and several indicators related to child mortality rates, namely: (i) infant mortality rate (IMR), (ii) neonatal mortality rate (NMR), (iii) under-five mortality rate (U5MR), (iv) female U5MR and (v) male U5MR (all per 1000 live births). In this respect, an approach based on the Gender Inequality Index is chosen. Robust and exponential regression models, as well as the Spearman correlation coefficient are used. The results show positive relationships between the Gender Inequality Index and the child mortality rates.