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The Role of Statistics in Kosovo Enterprises

Marjan DEMA
Iliriana MIFTARI


decision-making, variable analysis, Chi-Square Test, statistical, Kosovo


Considering science as the main contributor to contemporary developments has encouraged us to raise a scientific discussion regarding the role of statistics in business decision-making and economic development. Statistics, as an applicative science, is growing and being widely applied in different fields and professions. Statistical thinking is becoming a daily necessity in enterprises. The main purpose of this survey was to ascertain in what levels main enterprise managers in Kosovo are using statistical methods in their business decision-making. For this purpose 85 managers of the main companies in Kosovo have been interviewed. The analysis of the gathered data was performed by Chi-Square Test, Asymp.Sig(2 sided) and Cramer’s V. These analyses comprise the central focus of this survey. The data was processed by Statistical Program for Social Sciences (SPSS). Statistical approach and methodology used in this research has made it easier for us to draw conclusions and recommendations.