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A Model of Credit Bureau in Serbia - Instrument for Preserving Stability of the Banking Sector in Conditions of the Global Economic Crisis

Vladimir SIMOVIC


credit bureau, financial crisis, liquidity risk, loan placement, Serbia


This paper presents the characteristics of the banking system in serbia before and during the global financial crisis. The model of the credit bureau in serbia which, according to its technical characteristics and the level of business performance, represents the original solution is analyzed. Its implementation, in conjunction with other control mechanisms, has provided the stability of the banking sector in terms of crisis. Consequently, the control of liquidity in the banking sector is achieved as well as the control of the expansion of credit activities, with the maintenance of population and economy indebtedness at optimal level, which is of great importance in terms of global crisis when economic policy makers in serbia, faced with a pronounced deficit in balance of payments of the country, as one of economic policy measures aimed at improving the balance of payment position, implement the measure of controlled reduction of private demand.