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Secure Architecture for Automatic Ticketing Systems - Online Enabled

Cristian TOMA


2D barcode, Ticketing System, DataMatrix code ISO/IEC 16022, QR code ISO/IEC 18004, MMS Multimedia Message Service, M-DRM Mobile Digital Rights Management , 2D Barcode Automatic Ticketing System 2D BATS,


The paper presents a solution for endcoding/decoding access to the subway public transportation systems and the quantitative indicators about the validation process. First part of the paper is dedicated through section one to the most used 2D barcodes used in the market QR and DataMatrix. The sample for DataMatrix is author propietary. The section two presents MMS and Digital Rights Management topics used for issuing the 2D barcodes tickets. The second part of the paper, starting with section three shows the architecture of Subway Ticketing Systems and the proposed procedure for the ticket issuing and the validation tests. The conclusions identify trends of the security topics in the public transportation systems.