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The Particularities and Specifics of Civil Servants’ Opinions on some Characteristic of Public Administration Segmented by Religion

Tudorel ANDREI
Bogdan Vasile ILEANU
Monica Viorica NEDELCU


civil servants, public administration, quantitative methods, religion


In order to collect the statistical data necessary in performing this analysis we used a sample of employees from the public administration. Then, we projected a statistical survey to obtain the statistical information. For the elaboration of the survey, we identified major themes in the field of public administration, such as: institution management, public function, system transparency, decentralization process, corruption at the level of the system as well as the society, the quality of the public administration reformation. The statistical sample, for which we gathered statistical values based on the survey, has a dimension of 560 units. It is representative for the national level, and the error interval is ± 3%.