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Statistical Determination of the Sequence and Chronology of the Eruption of the First Permanent Molars and Incisors in Romanian Children



chronology and sequence of eruption, permanent incisors, first permanent molars


Teeth eruption is a dynamic, genetically dictated process which is a part of the odontogenesis and comprises all of the tooth’s movement from the bone crypt where it formed until reaching the occlusal plane and starting its function. Chronologically normal eruption is defined as the situation in which dental eruption takes place at time moments placed around the medium eruption age calculated on large population samples. Determining the medium eruption age of the teeth emerging in the first stage of the permanent teeth eruption (incisors and first molar) in children from Bucharest, Romania. The retrospective transversal study was conducted on a sample of 2139 Caucasian children aged between 5 and 10 years who presented to the Paedodontics Clinic for consultation and treatment in the period 2006-2011. The statistical analysis used specific descriptive and interferential (confidence intervals) methods. The order and timing of eruption in girls was: IClo (5.8-5.10 years), M1lo (5.10-6 years), M1up (6-6.2 years), ICup and ILlo (7-7.2 years) and ICup (8-8.2 years). (p=0.01) The order and timing of eruption in girls was: IClo, M1up and M1lo (6-6.2 years), ICup (7-7.2 years), ILlo (7.2-7.4 years) and ILup (8.4-8.6 years). (p=0.01) The results of the study confirm data from literature in terms of faster eruption in girls. Permanent incisors and first molars erupt between 5.8 and 8.2 years in girls and between 6 and 8.6 years in boys.