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What Happened with the Attractiveness of the Romanian Counties for FDI during the Period 2001 – 2012?

Vasile Alecsandru STRAT


FDI, County Level, Human Capital, Development Region, Gini Coefficient


The FDI have become a very important aspect in the nowadays economical and geopolitical circumstances and therefore the study of this phenomenon is regarded with an increased attention by scholars by government and business representatives. Following this direction the study of disparities registered between different regions or between different countries when dealing with the attractiveness of these entities in the eyes of foreign investors became a topic of an increasing importance. In the present study, using yearly data regarding the stocks of FDI at the level of the Romanian counties, for the period 2001 – 2012, I try to evaluate the evolution of the attractiveness of these entities for foreign investors using the Gini coefficient. The study reveals that the attractiveness of the Romanian counties was significantly influenced by the main events which happened during this period.